I Am A Better Physiotherapist

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That’s a provocative title, isn’t it? How about: I am a better Physiotherapist than I was yesterday. Okay… Finally: I am a better Physiotherapist than I was yesterday BECAUSE OF TELE-REHAB. I never, ever in my life thought I would think those thoughts, let alone write those words. I always knew that I would continue to evolve […]

A Common Cause Of Back Pain

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If you’re like myself, and about 80% of people living on this planet, you may have experienced a little ol’ case of low back pain at some point. Staying home during the quarantine may have even worsened it. About a month ago I started having some low back pain – and as a new massage […]

Does Physiotherapy Hurt?

Physiotherapy does not have to hurt. And it does not have to hurt to work! But it does depend on the level of skill and training of your therapist. If you are someone who has been to a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist, you’ve very likely experienced a hands-on approach, also referred to as “manual therapy”, […]

Why Do I Still Have Pain?

Did you know that our body is designed in a way that dedicates more resources to “feeling” rather than “doing”? What I mean by this, is that if you really do a deep dive into the nervous system: it’s anatomy, function, and therefore purpose – about two-thirds of the composition is there to facilitate sensation […]

You Are Not Broken

You may have pain. You may have pain in multiple areas. You may have pain in multiple areas that prevent you from doing what you love, and you feel discouraged and restricted. Here’s the good news: the injury/injuries that contributed to these sensations happened long ago, which means that the tissue has healed! Yay! When we […]

Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy, Part 1

The Link Between Physical and Mental Health What is the link between mental health and physical health/pain? There are many. Today we will discuss one of them, which we refer to as a “functional reserve“. If you don’t have a functional reserve, as soon as you have a challenge, you’ll break down. We’ve seen many, […]

Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy, Part 2

Being stressed requires energy.   Energy that is supposed to be used for your body’s natural, ongoing repair and rebuild process.   Did you know your bones and skin are constantly being turned over within your body? That means your body is being broken down and rebuilt throughout your whole life.   Rebuilding is also an […]

Running Series

Running injuries are funny, in the way that they are very commonly not caused by the site of the pain. In fact, most commonly we find that running pain is caused by problems on the opposite leg! Recently we had an interesting case study where an old hip fracture on the right side, caused problems on the left. […]

Your X-Ray Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

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Your X-Ray Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story Have you received scary news from your physician about your x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI results? Were you told that you have an issue that requires surgery? Then read on to find out more about how, with our understanding of the body, we can help. When someone presents for their […]

“It’s All Connected”: Treating Software vs. Hardware

In physical therapy and medicine in general there is often a big focus on treating the ‘hardware’ of the body. How healthy is the joint? Are there signs of degeneration? Have the joint spaces narrowed? What about other musculoskeletal structures? Are all muscle and ligament fibers intact? Of course, these are important questions to ask. […]