Does Physiotherapy Hurt?

Physiotherapy does not have to hurt.

And it does not have to hurt to work! But it does depend on the level of skill and training of your therapist.

If you are someone who has been to a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist, you’ve very likely experienced a hands-on approach, also referred to as “manual therapy”, that really hurts.

A lot of therapists have trained in aggressive hands-on techniques like active release therapy (ART), Graston (ouch…makes me shudder), and some just prefer a good ol’ elbow into your shoulder…butt…IT-band…which is something similar to torture.


A common misconception is that in order for therapy to work, it has to be painful. This is by all accounts untrue.

A gentle, focused approach by an experienced therapist can have astounding, immediate, and lasting results without causing severe, or even significant forms of pain.

The “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” approach does not apply to effective therapy.

There time where as your body movements improve and restrictions are removed by our therapists, when you may experienced a mild discomfort. This is different – this is because your body is moving in a way that is hasn’t in days…months…years…decades, so it needs to get used to it again. And it soon will, because we add functional movement exercises that are tailored to you – not some cookie cutter program that was designed to meet the needs of some cohort from a randomised control trial – but you.

This is also the reason why none of our functional exercises are part of a video routine that you can access on YouTube or any other platform, because every individual’s body has its own story to tell, and will require its own specific cues in order to return to its optimised self.

We can quite literally make you into the best version of yourself.

So, what gives?

Well, in order to gently treat and achieve immediate, lasting results, it requires understanding, hands-on skills, and focus. Our team is composed of some of the most dedicated and educated therapists you will ever encounter in your life, who are prepared in all three of these regards to help resolve your issues without causing extreme pain.

How do we do that…well, you’ll have to give us a shout and see 🙂