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I Am A Better Physiotherapist

That’s a provocative title, isn’t it? How about: I am a better Physiotherapist than I was yesterday. Okay… Finally: I am a better Physiotherapist than I

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A Common Cause Of Back Pain

If you’re like myself, and about 80% of people living on this planet, you may have experienced a little ol’ case of low back pain

Does Physiotherapy Hurt?

Physiotherapy does not have to hurt. And it does not have to hurt to work! But it does depend on the level of skill and training

Why Do I Still Have Pain?

Did you know that our body is designed in a way that dedicates more resources to “feeling” rather than “doing”? What I mean by this,

You Are Not Broken

You may have pain. You may have pain in multiple areas. You may have pain in multiple areas that prevent you from doing what you

Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy, Part 1

The Link Between Physical and Mental Health What is the link between mental health and physical health/pain? There are many. Today we will discuss one

Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy, Part 2

Being stressed requires energy.   Energy that is supposed to be used for your body’s natural, ongoing repair and rebuild process.   Did you know your

Running Series

Running injuries are funny, in the way that they are very commonly not caused by the site of the pain. In fact, most commonly we