Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy, Part 2

Being stressed requires energy.  

Energy that is supposed to be used for your body’s natural, ongoing repair and rebuild process.  

Did you know your bones and skin are constantly being turned over within your body? That means your body is being broken down and rebuilt throughout your whole life.  

Rebuilding is also an important process when recovering from an injury.

Let me make this clear: if your system is taxed by emotional stress, your injury recovery process will be impaired.

The body and mind are two parts of one integrated ecosystem. When one is affected, so is the other. And then the pain circle begins.

Thankfully there are things we can all do

Journaling, practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques can all aid in promoting good emotional health, and restoring balance to an overtaxed nervous system, helping you on your way to both mental and physical recovery. The two are intertwined.

If this doesn’t do the trick, consider contacting us to discuss psychotherapy. Our team takes a functional approach to mental health, helping to teach you techniques to improve your mental state to restore the balance of the beautiful ecosystem known as your body and mind.

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