You Are Not Broken

You may have pain.

You may have pain in multiple areas.

You may have pain in multiple areas that prevent you from doing what you love, and you feel discouraged and restricted.

Here’s the good news: the injury/injuries that contributed to these sensations happened long ago, which means that the tissue has healed! Yay!

When we treat people in the clinic, we find that the pain is not from a structure being broken or damaged, but rather due to chemical irritation in the area of the body that sends sensation signals to your brain!

Think about it like this: there are these “wires” (nerves) that serve the purpose of sending signals from your environment and body up to your brain. Now, what if along these nerves there was something stimulating a “pain” signal over and over again – that’s exactly what’s happening your body to cause ongoing pain symptoms.

The cause: inflammation, swelling.

The solution: get rid of it.

We find that when we identify areas of swelling around nerves (that should be long gone along with the initial injury) and get rid of it gently through our specialized hands-on training, symptoms dramatically reduce, and quickly. We also find that traditional Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy interventions don’t get specific enough to address this, which is why results are typically limited or short-lived.

It’s a different understanding of the body’s system that leads to a different and effective intervention.

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