My Back Hurts, It’s Probably Just Stress!

My Back Hurts, It’s Probably Just Stress!

Do you find your back hurts just a tiny bit more when you’re under an increased amount of stress? Or maybe you “hold” your stress in your neck, low back, or maybe now all of a sudden your shoulder is bothering you!?

There is a reason for this – psychosomatic referral. This precisely means a physical presentation of pain or discomfort which can be exacerbated by any inner conflict, or stress. This is where a multidisciplinary approach comes into effect.

What does this mean? This means there is a reason we work so closely with our wonderful psychotherapist, Megan! Sometimes talking to someone about your stress, or “venting” if that sounds better, can help alleviate PHYSICAL pain you have come in with.

Surprisingly, people who have had physical ailments, conditions, issues for a long period of time often gain relief from pains they have had for YEARS after speaking to somebody about their stress.

Stress presents in different ways for everyone, and can be caused by different aspects of life for everyone as well. Stress can be from school, work, family stressors, long work weeks, trauma, kids, pets, and anything under the sun! The stress of having pain itself can exacerbate your pain even further, as you ponder on it and wonder why it won’t get any better!

There is no harm in talking to someone about what may be bothering you, or even finding out if there is anything to talk about to begin with!

You can start by talking to myself, the chiropractor, about how to get a referral, or even directly book with our psychotherapist, Megan. These appointments can be done in the clinic or virtually from the comfort of your own home!