Body Science Therapy & Performance Centre: A Patient Perspective

The moment you step into Body Science Therapy in Mississauga, you are immersed in a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. If it is your first time here, you are most likely walking into what will be a completely new sensorial experience of physiotherapy from what you previously knew. You will also be embarking on the beginning of a revolutionary journey towards achieving your individual health outcomes and goals with much success. The experts at Body Science Therapy and Performance Centre pride themselves on their ability to manipulate neural pathways to identify the root cause of an apparent problem or discomfort, rather than the traditional approach of just using soft tissue work and different rehabilitative instruments to temporarily influence the musculoskeletal system. 

The hardworking team of physiotherapists at Body Science Therapy & Performance Centre all possess high degrees of skill in advanced physiotherapy techniques and use an exceptionally thorough and individualistic approach in the treatment of each patient. They can efficiently find the precise disconnect between the incoming signals being sent to the brain and the outgoing signals being sent back out to the body in any injury or dysfunction of this nature and effectively resolve this problem. 

Exercising a deep understanding of neurology, neurophysiology, biomechanics and kinesiology within the frame of their unique skill sets, each physiotherapist is able to deliver a highly effective, multi-faceted treatment plan that produces instantaneous results and naturally evolves with every correction that is made. Most rehabilitative methods take days or weeks to make a noticeable improvement but it is not uncommon for clients to feel a substantial difference after their first visit, boosting morale and making the clinic a place you are excited to come back to.

The practitioners at Body Science Therapy and Performance Centre aim to change people’s lives and give them back the independence they once had prior to the circumstances they are currently dealing with, and they consistently do so in a non-invasive way. They are always striving to hone and develop their skills and knowledge even further by constantly learning. 

There will always be one definitive reason to come in and check out this clinic: they’re different. The majority of their patients have unsuccessfully tried a traditional method of therapy without any significant results. I’d recommend anyone suffering from pain, nagging injuries, headaches, or any movement insufficiency to give this team of devoted practitioners a try. Treatment that gets at the root cause directly through the nervous system produces impactful and progressive steps in one’s evolution which can be felt, is best described in one way: life-changing.

Written & Edited by Sarah Tringale (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Candidate) & Matt O’Brien (Personal Trainer and Bachelor of Kinesiology Student).