Our expert physiotherapy services address the root issues of the problem, by assessing and treating the unique dysfunctions of each person's nervous system. We use advanced functional approaches such as P-DTR, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Anatomy in Motion and Neurofunctional Acupuncture to achieve lasting results in real time.

Massage Therapy

Our expert registered massage therapy services are integrated with an advanced understanding of the body in order to provide a holistic therapeutic approach, or to provide a relaxing way to unwind your body's tense tissues.


Our Psychotherapy team are here to help! Whatever your goals may be, we go beyond cookie-cutter treatment styles and use an individualised root-cause approach to assist with healing, recovery, and function. They believe in solution-focused care, and use a combination of techniques in their approach to care including CBT, DBT, polyvagal theory, EMDR, and more!

We believe that a team approach yields greater outcomes, and we have a strong team approach in our multidisciplinary clinic that includes mindful movement from a trained yoga instructor that focuses on breathwork, mindfulness, and relaxation; functional medicine that targets lifestyle and diet; physiotherapy and massage that offer acupuncture, a holistic chiropractic medicine approach, and a collective approach to treating the whole person and their nervous system to get results through an individualized treatment plan focusing on the whole person, not just one area or system. This is true multidiscplinary, patient-centred healthcare.


Our expert chiropractic services involve a functional assessment and treatment protocol. We use advanced approaches that address the root issues of the problem, by assessing and treating the unique dysfunctions of each person's body.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine’s purpose is to implement a personalized method to medicine that revolves around a root cause treatment plan in contrast to managing symptoms. Rather than addressing the surface level ailments, it seeks to target the question “why are you ill?”

Functional medicine practitioners will inquire about your daily life to take note of possible contributing factors to your illness such as; sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress, and environment.. By taking these factors into consideration our functional medicine practitioner, Melanie Hughes, will help you take charge of your health using a holistic approach that includes nutrition and lifestyle modifications, as well as supplements when appropriate.

Physiotherapist Assistant

Julia Juhas will be offering physiotherapy assistant services to complement the work of our clinicians. She will be working under the direction and supervision of our physiotherapists to provide care to clients of all ages and with a wide range of health conditions.

At Body Science, Julia will be collaborating with our Physiotherapy team, utilizing her skillset in holistic movement which will greatly benefit our patients.

Julia is a trained mindfulness movement coach and her extensive experience in this field will help patients unravel their tension and pain so that they can live & move with ease.

Clinical & Caseload Mentoring

Mentorship for Staff Outside of Body Science